Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Ideas & Creations

Retain an intellectual property lawyer in Dallas, TX

You've worked hard to create your invention. Don't let all of your effort go to waste-hire the Law Office of Emily Horton PLLC to protect your intellectual property. As your intellectual property lawyer in Dallas, Texas, Emily Horton will learn more about your idea or product to determine the most efficient way to protect it.

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When to arrange for intellectual property dispute

Attorney Emily Horton can resolve intellectual property disputes. Arrange for intellectual property dispute right away if:

  • Someone is threatening to steal your ideas
  • You want to watermark your internet intellectual property
  • You're being sued over a social media post
  • Someone is making a YouTube video in your name without your consent

Your intellectual property lawyer will guide you through every step of the process. You'll feel more at ease knowing attorney Emily Horton is working on behalf of your best interests.