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It's hard to make it as a recording artist. If you do, you'll need all the help you can get to protect your music. The music-law lawyer at the Law Office of Emily Horton PLLC in Dallas, Texas will help you protect your art. Attorney Emily Horton will give you sound legal advice so you can keep making your music.

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Emily Horton helps more than performing artists

Attorney Emily Horton has represented dozens of clients in the entertainment-related business. She can help:

  • Music producers who need to create distribution deals and music publishing licenses
  • Reality TV developers and participants dealing with entertainment, multimedia and motion picture issues
  • Studio or venue managers trying to promote, sponsor, endorse, or book an artist
  • Recording artists dealing with music licensing or copyright issues
  • Performers who want to stop their songs from being stolen
  • Talent managers or agencies who need help creating employment and talent agreements

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