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You don't want to run into roadblocks when you're trying to start your entertainment career. Hire an entertainment lawyer in Dallas, Texas to prevent potential legal problems. The Law Office of Emily Horton PLLC has helped entertainers and producers alike. You can rely on attorney Emily Horton to protect your interests.

If you need help starting a business, filing a trademark, or resolving a dispute, Emily Horton can help you with that, too. Call 214-647-4840 anytime to schedule a consultation with a reputable business lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

3 reasons to retain attorney Emily Horton

Attorney Emily Horton founded her practice in 2005. She runs a boutique firm and takes pride in going above and beyond for her clients. You can feel at ease entrusting your case to Emily Horton because:

  • 1. She's been practicing as an entertainment and business lawyer for over 13 years.
  • 2. She focuses her entire practice around entertainment related industries, including online businesses and social media.
  • 3. She relies on her extensive legal knowledge to provide exceptional services.

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